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Yoni massage in Kiev

The ‘yoni‘ is available exclusively to women as the private rub down focuses on the vagina! Yoni massage in Kiev is available in our salon.

Want to feel the complete relaxation of the body in combination with the heat of feelings and emotions? Erotic Yoni massage in Kiev is just for you! Allure Salon provides the best services in this category. Our masseuses will help to open new boundaries of sensitivity, more deeply feel your body and get a sea of ​​pleasure.

Features of yoni massage

Massage of yoni (Skt. योनि, yoni – massage of female genitals) is a reflection of ancient Oriental philosophy, its secrets, temptations and, to some extent, intimacy. That is why, this massage not only gives a lot of pleasure, but also effectively affects the internal reserves of the body, opens up new facets of the subconscious. Such kind of erotic massage is able to awaken sexual energy and renew the body’s strength.

Yoni massage in Kiev

Yoni massage technique

At the preparatory stage, a bath is taken, which adjusts to a wave of relaxation. Further the masseuse will warm up your body with essential oils, the smell of which will dip into the atmosphere of pleasure. The erotic yoni massage continues with light and gentle movements of the girl in the abdomen, thighs, which gradually go on to stimulate the intimate zones of the woman.

Yoni massage needs to be done with gentle hands of a masseuse with the addition of lubricants. It takes place in a pleasant atmosphere, with subdued light and quiet music.

Effect of yoni massage

The main goal of yoni massage is not even a “happy end”, it is rather a pleasant addition. The vigorous movements of the masseuses will be entirely aimed at discovering the sensuality of every cell of your body. With the help of this massage you will experience true bliss, feel your body and reveal new aspects of sexuality.

Stimulation of women’s intimate places with the help of erotic massage of yoni affects positively on the whole body:

  • Helps to get rid of irritability and fatigue, having a relaxing and soothing effect;
  • Eliminates female problems (painful menstruation, some inflammatory processes);
  • Stimulates blood circulation in the genital area;
  • Exacerbates sensations, enriches an intimate life.

We are waiting for you in our salon “Allure”. Here you can try yoni massage in Kyiv. You can contact us using phone +38-099-101-22-10 (Viber & WhatsApp).

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