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Snake massage in Kiev

In our salon you will find exotic, unusual and relaxing snake massage …

Tamer of snakes is always beside you until they are crawling on your body and relax you. The girl controls snakes and snakes always stay on your body. In our salon use small, non-toxic, healthy young snakes (pythons).

Snake massage

Ве offer you some programs involving snakes:

1. Snake massage

In this program snakes continuously crawling on you during 1 hour. Price 1000 UAH.

2. Snake massage and classic massage

Once snakes crawl on you, the masseuse will make you a nice classic massage. 1 hour program and costs 800 UAH.

3. Snake massage, classic and erotic massages

First you will enjoy massage by snakes, and after girl, without the snakes, will make you a classical and erotic massages. Duration 1.5 hours, price 1500 UAH.

4. Snake addition for all types of massages

For every type of our massages you can order snake massage. Duration 15 minutes, cost 400 UAH.

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