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Sakura massage in Kiev

“Sakura branch” is the mysterious Japanese massage technique.

Sakura massage in Kiev is provided by Allure Salon. You can try it and feel strongest pleasure and relaxation with our erotic masseuses in the center of town. Call +38-099-101-22-10.

The ease and sophistication of the Japanese erotic sakura massage will open the doors for you to the new mysterious pleasures of the East. “Sakura branch” absorbed the famous art techniques of Japanese geisha, and today, through centuries and dynasties, this kind of massage is performed according to the original scenario. You seem to find yourself in a new, delightful world of tenderness and pleasure!

It is on the islands of Japan combined multifaceted and sometimes contradictory things. Their incredibility attracts American and European people, because the Japanese know a lot about exquisite pleasures. They have cultivated such simple acts as a tea ceremony, admiring the beauty of ikebana and, of course, watching the cherry blossom.

Sakura massage in Kiev

Sakura blooming is a national holiday in Japan, celebrated by everyone from small to large. People gather in parks and squares to observe the beautiful petals of trees slowly falling to the ground. Everywhere there is silence, harmony and splendor. It was in honor of this symbol of Japan that the erotic massage “sakura branch” was named. It is just as refined and beautiful as the cherry blossoms fluttering in the gust of wind.

Erotic sakura massage for VIP

At the stage of becoming an intimate massage the procedure was available only to the Japanese emperor and his approximate – city governors, ministers, prominent military. Now anyone can go through a massage “sakura branch ” and join the oriental pleasures in the massage salon “Allure”.

This is a deeply personal form of massage, which differs from other types of intimate relaxation. The girl-masseuse performs all actions not with her hands and body, but with her lips and tongue. Piquant difference makes the sakura massage an amazing procedure, because our masseuses are not only experienced and sensitive, but also incredibly beautiful. All without exception, the girls are very familiar with the anatomy of the human body and therefore can deliver an unforgettable pleasure to any man or woman.

Touches similar to cherry blossoms

In “Allure” salon of erotic massage in Kiev you can experience the delights of the eastern divas on your own body and get a refined pleasure. An experienced masseuse will relax the tense muscles of your body just as many Japanese emperors relaxed many centuries ago. After a sensual introduction, when your body is prepared for the passionate trials, the girl will demonstrate all the refinement of the “sakura branch” massage!

What gives our erotic massage?

Sakura massage in Kiev performed by our masseuses is nothing incomparable feeling whichincludes:

  • Softness and coolness of female lips and silky elastic language;
  • Complex impact on the erogenous zones of your body;
  • Influence on the deepest parts of the subconscious;
  • Complete physical discharge.

How to try it?

If you found us by typing sakura massage Kiev in the search, then just call +38-099-101-22-10. Or visit us in the center of town. Here you will find the best feelings and relaxation that you ever tried.

Remember that we do not engage in oral sex!