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Gua Sha massage in Kiev

Gua sha in Kiev! You can try it in Allure Salon.

Gua sha massage can be attributed to the oldest variety of massage techniques common in China. When the word is divided into two parts (“gua” and “sha”) in translation, we get the expression “scratch bad”. Despite the fact that this type of massage procedures is not too widespread, today the popularity of the service is gradually gaining momentum.

The basis of this technique can be considered the Chinese doctrine that stagnant processes in the body can cause all sorts of disorders and diseases:

  • The movement of blood through the blood vessels is violated, and along with it the lymph;
  • There are disturbances in the normal course of life energy;
  • There are changes on the face;
  • There is fatigue and fatigue;
  • The ability of the organism to counteract external factors decreases.

Gua sha massage Kiev

Gua sha massage technique

All these symptoms can be eliminated with the help of a competent effect on the skin, based on the knowledge of reflexes.

Each technique can affect a specific area of ​​the body. One normalizes metabolism, the other removes poisonous substances from the body, the third is able to improve the process of microcirculation and regeneration of skin cells. The procedure is not only to stimulate the skin with a massage, but also in forcing the body to independently activate the work of tissues. After completing the full course of treatment, all organs and tissues must fulfill the role assigned to them as effectively as possible. This will help the body to carry out regular purification from toxins, regulation of biological and chemical reactions.

How to order gua sha massage in Kiev?

In our salon we have few masseuses passed course of this technique.
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