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Erotic women massage in Kiev

You are a woman and want a massage, and even erotic? Then you need to visit our salon! Look at our masseurs…


Height: 186 cm. Weight: 76 kg.

Types of massage: classical, segmental-reflex, anti-cellulite, health, sports, erotic, aromatherapy.

Other boys you can find HERE. Also you can choose girls for massage.
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Women erotic massage in Kiev is performed by our specialists in salon “Allure”. Ero massage for ladies is unforgettable and very impressive. Why? Let’s see, every woman needs sometimes to get out of the usual cycle of affairs and the daily routine of recurring impressions, and to give up everything to devote an hour or two to herself, her beloved.

Erotic massage for women in our salon “Allure” – the quintessence of sensuality and delicacy. The erotic massage in Kiev will be done by exactly the massage therapist (or masseuse), which you will choose. You can make your choice right now on our website, or when visiting, having met with the masseurs.

Erotic massage for ladies

Erotic massage for ladies

All masseurs of our salon are professionals of their business – they will make you any of the types of erotic women massage that we offer at the highest level. You can prefer a boy or girl, as well as masseurs of both sexes and in any composition!

Erotic women massage will give you the warmth of human hands, complete relaxation and awaken your sexual fantasies! After all, while your body is puffed up with a professional massage, feelings are sharpened, and every touch of the masseur brings a lot of pleasure.

In addition to the traditional massage of the back, arms, legs and feet, the masseur pays special attention to the most intimate areas of the female body, but only within the limits that you will allow, and no more. The erotic part of the massage consists in the fact that the masseur at your desire massages your intimate zones, pressing on the right points to achieve a happy-end.

How to try erotic women massage in Kiev?

Looking for erotic women massage in Kiev? Call us +38-099-101-22-10 to reserve the best time in schedule. Or you can visit us directly by our address.