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Ayurvedic erotic massage in Kiev

Ayurvedic massage is an ancient Indian massage, for many centuries, proving its effectiveness in improving blood circulation and releasing toxins accumulated in the muscles, rejuvenation of the body, strengthen the immune system as a whole.

Ayurvedic massage in Kiev is provided by beautiful girls in Allure Salon. Our parlor is situated in the center of capital. It is easy to find from every point of town.

Ayurvedic erotic massage

What is this?

This unique form of massage is based on deep work with soft tissues (skin, subcutaneous tissue, muscles and internal organs), with tension in the muscles, active stimulation of blood and lymph, thus increasing the energy flow and the body begins to actively get rid of toxins.

Ayurvedic massage is done with a lot of oil (oil is selected individually), and also a powder of useful herbs is used. With the help of oil, the toxins that accumulate in the muscles are released and washed out by the flow of blood. Herbal components stimulate blood circulation. The whole organism is rebuilt to restore and renew vitality. Ayurvedic massage removes energy blocks, directly updates and helps to truly relax deeply.

What does the Ayurvedic massage do?

  • deep relaxation
  • healthy joints
  • activation of blood circulation
  • getting rid of stress, stress
  • the level of the hormone of joy rises
  • normalization of pressure
  • weight loss
  • strengthening of immunity
  • Anesthesia

Ayurvedic erotic massage

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