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Our girls

Anya, 21 years old
breast size 3.5
height 168 cm
weight 55 kg

Masha, 21 years old
breast size 3
height 175 cm
weight 53.5 kg

Bree, 19 years old
breast size 2
height 160 cm
weight 49 kg

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Erotic massage in Kiev

Erotic Massage in Kiev is unforgettable! And you should try it with our help…

Welcome to Allure – the most fabulous salon of erotic massage in Kiev.

A series of gray monotonous fussy days, constant stresses and city traffic jams – this is familiar to all residents of a large city. But in the metropolis, too, you can find a piece of paradise. A place where you can get unforgettable impressions and sensual pleasure. Here reigns a truly magical atmosphere of the highest comfort, sweet bliss, stirring the consciousness of smells and desire. Relaxing, you feel like a wave of desire envelops your body, all prejudices and fears go away irrevocably. It remains only an unearthly pleasure. The salon Allure of erotic massage in Kiev will take you from the cruel and prickly reality to the world of sweet sensations, soft touches and absolute happiness.

Why is it worth to try?

Erotic massage helps to forget about the problems and hectic, dispel all the accumulated negative and relieve stress. This procedure is performed only by qualified masseuse girls, they know how to give the client a sensation of unforgettable ecstasy with the help of touches. During the massage, you will realize that absolutely every part of the human body is an erogenous zone. Erotic massage for men and sexual contact are not the same thing. Although during the session the client has a very powerful sexual arousal, because the touch of two naked bodies inevitably generate desire and erotic fantasies. After such a procedure, sexual potential significantly increases, sensuality awakens and general well-being improves. More professional erotic massage in Kiev you cannot find.

A sea of ​​pleasure for everyone

Each person is distinguished by his unique character, temperament, habits and passions. Our adorable seductresses know how to find an approach to each client with the help of a wide range of techniques and bring it to the highest pleasure. Their skillful fingers and velvet young bodies will massage each muscle, slide on your skin and fill the body with unique sensations. They will affect exactly those places, touching which will cause you just unearthly ecstasy. These caresses and movements will continue until your body relaxes completely, and the mind will get rid of negative emotions and experiences. After the massage in our erotic salon you will feel a rush of new strength and readiness to easily perform the most difficult and important things.

Hot sensuality marathon

The erotic salon of Allure is an extravaganza of pleasures, which lasts around the clock. Major programs:

Our prices

Service Price
Erotic body massage 1 hour 35$
Nuru massage 1 hour 100$
Nyotaimori 450$
Lesbi show 20 min 27$
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Erotic massage Kiev

We have such a rich range of delights that even the most sophisticated gourmand can experience new and inexpressible sensations. We constantly hold various promotions, give pleasant gifts and make surprises for our dear customers. Our salon of erotic massage in Kiev is conveniently located next to the metro station – “Palats Sportu” (sport palace metro station).

You won’t ever forget about the time spent with us! During each intimacy, your mind will remember the voluptuous feelings experienced in our massage parlor, and sex will bring even more pleasure.

How to pre-order erotic massage in Kiev?

If you found our website by typing erotic massage Kiev in the search form, then it is the right place. The best parlor of the Ukrainian capital is ready to invite you. Just call a phone number or write a short message in the chat for customers. Our managers will provide you anything you need!

Erotic massage in Kiev