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Massages that we rarely hear

We all know that massage is not only pleasant but also useful. There are many techniques of massage performance, but the most important thing – to find a good specialist. In most cases, there are masters who have completed courses of one type of massage and apply it to all clients. The effectiveness of such procedures will be extremely small. Do not be amiss to know the types of massage and their benefits. This can be useful when searching for the right specialist, especially when it comes about massages, which we describe below.


Master, applying chiromassage, focuses his attention to warm up of muscles of the whole body, face and extremities. This massage is used to clean the skin from the horny scales and sebaceous glands from the stagnant fat. Procedure of this massage, increases muscle tone, improves skin breath, accelerates blood circulation, decreases sagging skin, quickly removes toxins from the body. At the end of the course the muscles of the body work faster and become hardier. Chiromassage used when pacient has: myositis, adhesions, connective tissue scarring and also when tightening facial muscles and reduce nervous tension and for improving muscle tone.

Drainage massage techniques

In this massage, specialist concentrates on the cardiovascular system (from large vessels to capillaries), he pumps the blood and lymph. Drainage massage allows to remove the stagnation in the vessels, improve the skin’s moisture balance, and increase its ability to remove carbon dioxide and toxins from the body. All this contributes to the improvement of skin cells, muscles and subcutaneous tissue. This type of massage is needed for people suffering from redness, couperose, and muscle spasms.

Neurophysiological massage

The main emphasis in this massage is done on the muscles along the spinal column. Through receptors, massage effects goes on the central nervous system, whereby it takes signals stress hormones. The signals are fed up until the stock is depleted hormones and there will come relax. This type of massage is used for relaxation, in violation of potency, headaches, stenocardia, apathy, insomnia and elevated pressure.

Miostrukturny body massage

In this massage, the main focus is on the tendons, bones, joints and deep muscles of the limbs. Mio Strukturny massage well removes spasms and pain, relaxes muscles, improves metabolism. Procedures suitable for those who are recovering from a disease of the joints.

Anti-stress massage

With this massage specialists use a soft touch, and facial cleanser and aromatic oils. The focus is on the face and neck, which is often becomes numb after the working day. Anti-stress massage perfectly relaxes and soothes. Such procedures are suitable for people with chronic fatigue. Also a kind of anti-stress massage is an erotic massage. Erotic body massage is better to do with your loved partner.

Anti-Aging Facial Massage

This type of massage does not stretch the skin. Specialist focuses on the oval of the face, neck and facial wrinkles. The use of this technique helps to improve blood circulation, resulting in the skin is tightened and looks younger. Anti-Age massage will be useful to anyone who has exchanged fifth decade.

Do not forget about the contraindications for massage!

There are also contraindications for massage. The main ones are infectious diseases of the skin, swellings, tumors, thrombophlebitis, bruises and fever.

To get the maximum benefit from the massage, it is necessary to adhere to the simple rules:

  • do not eat a two hours before the massage (during the procedure may occur discomfort);
  • during two hours before the massage do not drink coffee or tea (if the purpose of relaxing massage);
  • do not smoke (nicotine reduces the effectiveness of massage).

Regardless of the type of massage, the course should consist of 7-10 sessions, 2-3 times a week. The result of the completion of the course should be a great feeling.

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