Настя, подари мне счастье!

Height: 190 cm. Weight: 85 kg. 27 years old.

Types of massage: classical, erotic body. Works with MEN (boy4boy masssage) and women.


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We all know that massage is not only pleasant but also useful. There are many techniques of massage performance, but the most important thing - to find a good specialist. In most cases, there are masters who have completed courses of one type of massage and apply it to all clients. The effectiveness of such procedures will be extremely small. Do not be amiss to know the types of massage and their benefits. This can be useful when searching for the right specialist, especially when it comes about massages, which we describe below.

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Unbelievable Lingam! And Polynesian foot massage - our new services!

Nuru massage

Nuru massage in Kiev is the most popular technique and it is often ordered in our salon of erotic massage in the center of town! The oldest technology NURU - massage was opened in Japan, in Kiev this erotic massage is just gaining its momentum! You, our dear guests, have a unique opportunity to taste all the delights of this magical action on your own body!

Nuru massage technique

The technique of its execution is radically different from the usual erotic massage. Let your imagination draw in your head such a picture: a stunning and sexy masseuse girl gently puts on her ideal body a magical gel - NURU. After that, the young and elastic skin of the girl becomes as pleasant to the touch as natural silk - smooth, soft and moist, like a baby. Just imagine how pleasant your sensations will be in the process of touching the body of a masseuse with such skin! This special gel has no smell, no taste! Its advantages: it does not distract from receiving a portion of pleasure, but rather reinforces it!

nuru massage

This technique of erotic massage concerns your entire body, and is performed by absolutely all parts of the body of an experienced and incredibly beautiful masseuse. The magic nymph of our erotic salon accurately and very gently caresses you with its skillful pens, breasts, young appetizing thighs, delicious and juicy, like peaches, two halves of pops, and an incredibly beautiful back! Every time she touches your excited body, your consciousness will boil from the pleasure you receive and the unreal relaxation.

Every millimeter of your mighty and powerful body will groan from truly divine pleasure. The mysterious nymph of our salon of erotic massage in Kiev will not miss a single erogenous zone, not one of the most intimate places on your body. Charming girl masseuse with pleasure will give you not only tactile sensations, but also will fill you with her inexhaustible sexual energy and positive mood. In the country of the red sun, it's not a secret for anyone that without even resorting to sexual penetration, one can get much more voluminous and spectacular sensations. A unique program NURU massage in Kiev will allow you to learn this ancient art!

Unforgetable sensations

After a session of erotic Nuru massage, you immediately feel a tremendous surge of strength, both physical and spiritual. Your misted mind will receive an absolute cleansing. It is almost impossible to restrain your emotions and feelings when your male body, like a dangerous snake wraps around a hot woman's waist: warm skillful hands alternate with a cool chest, then again you feel the warmth, but this time of her hot thighs!

Since the erotic massage Nuru in Kiev and other cities only begins to please expensive clients, of course, elite salons providing this kind of services, you can literally put it on your fingers. But luckily our salon of erotic massage has this program in its menu and is happy to share precious knowledge with you dear customers! We have everything for a good quality of body and soul relaxation: baths, showers, Jacuzzi, the best bar in Kiev, comfortable rest rooms, and, of course, the sexiest and most attractive girls in Kiev and the region! IF you have not yet decided where to rest, celebrate a stag or birthday - welcome to us in the magical world of erotic pleasures and sexual fantasies!

How to pre-order NURU massage in Kiev

If you have decided to try NURU massage in Kiev – just call our phone number or write a short message in chat for customers! Our masseuses are ready to provide all special services for customers. Our salon is located in the center of Kiev! Call us+38-099-101-22-10.



Nuru Gel - one hundred percent natural product, made from edible species Nori seaweed, which are used in the preparation of sushi. In Japanese Nuru means "slippery" and Nuru Gel is really extraordinary "slippery", which makes it attractive for use as a lubricant for massage. Also, its advantage is that it does not smell, taste, color, thereby not stain the tissue and not damage them. This gel contains aloe vera, which further makes it useful for your skin.

Nuru Massage costs 2000 UAH from 10:00 am till 05:00 pm (10:00-17:00). Hope you will like our discount price for such amazing massage. (10% discount are not added!). Standard price 2800 UAH.

We are waiting you in our salon for Nuru massage in Kiev. You can contact us using phone +38-099-101-22-10.

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