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Height: 190 cm. Weight: 85 kg. 27 years old.

Types of massage: classical, erotic body. Works with MEN (boy4boy masssage) and women.


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We all know that massage is not only pleasant but also useful. There are many techniques of massage performance, but the most important thing - to find a good specialist. In most cases, there are masters who have completed courses of one type of massage and apply it to all clients. The effectiveness of such procedures will be extremely small. Do not be amiss to know the types of massage and their benefits. This can be useful when searching for the right specialist, especially when it comes about massages, which we describe below.

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Thai erotic massage in Kiev

The uniqueness of Thai erotic massage is to work with the energy channels and methods of influence on them, as a result of his regular practice is a healthy body and spirit.

Thai Erotic massage in KievThai erotic massage in Kiev is provided in Allure Salon. Most of people think that the massage is done by hands, and sometimes by legs, elbows or warm stones. And imagine that you are lying on the couch, and the body of a beautiful girl glides on your body with a flexible, shiny oil.

This body touches you here and there, somewhere, touching you quite a bit, and somewhere with a pleasant pressure. Chest, tummy, thighs, ass, and of course, tender and nimble fingers - all this is used by the masseuse while carrying out the Thai massage body.

Thailand erotic massage

In Thailand, a well-known erotic mecca, this kind of massage originated, which differs from all the others in that it combines immersion in water, the sweetening of the skin with essential oils and the direct physical contact of the masseuse and her ward. Of course, this is insanely erotic. But apart from sensual pleasure, you will also feel the healing power of classical massage, after all, the Thai erotic massage includes some of its elements.

Thai massage with happy ending

Thai erotic massage with happy ending is made by professional masseuses, and their strong pens will not disregard areas of increased stress on your body. The masseuse alternates gentle touches with her body and strong enough massage techniques that are distributed throughout the body, limbs and all zones. Thai massage begins with the girl invites you to a foam bath or shower where you will refresh yourself and make the first sensual steps towards each other.

Under the warm water streams, all the negative energy that has accumulated during the day will be washed away, the muscles will relax and the pores of the skin will open. Under the water, your body will first touch, and you can go to the next stage of massage - the girl will spread your body with fragrant oils. This process itself is incredibly enjoyable and sensual.

Between you and the masseuse is established physical and energy contact, and all the following stages of massage, do not blame for the pun, they will go like clockwork! The mere contemplation of a beautiful female body, mysteriously flickering in the light of candles, will make you forget all the anxieties and plunge into erotic bliss.

After that, you lie down on the couch, the masseuse takes rights over your body, and the very mystery of the massage begins. Predict all the movements of her flexible body is beyond anyone's power, so just come to us for a Thai erotic massage session and feel unbelievable sensations.

Thai erotic massage in Kiev is best done in Allure Salon! Call us immediately +38-099-101-22-10.

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