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We all know that massage is not only pleasant but also useful. There are many techniques of massage performance, but the most important thing - to find a good specialist. In most cases, there are masters who have completed courses of one type of massage and apply it to all clients. The effectiveness of such procedures will be extremely small. Do not be amiss to know the types of massage and their benefits. This can be useful when searching for the right specialist, especially when it comes about massages, which we describe below.

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Unbelievable Lingam! And Polynesian foot massage - our new services!

Massages in Allure Salon

Erotic massage salon «Allure» - a place where you can enjoy life.

Want to try a variety of massages, we are waiting for you in our salon, the main highlight of which are the masseuses and erotic massage in their performance.

Any kind of massage can be a long time and in different ways to describe, but to really understand each of them can only be tried. Since ancient times, massage has become an integral part of human life. Think about it, because when you're beginning to worry tension in the muscles, there is pain in the joints, the first thing that makes a person involuntarily – it tends to feel a touch which pass into the light rubbing and stroking. It turns massage, and then, on the properties can be divided into: preparatory, relaxing, refreshing, invigorating and exciting. In a particular situation you can understand what massage is required. In our salon of erotic massage in the first place offers massages, the effect of which is to reduce the emotional and physical stress, recovery, and increase sexual energy.

Throughout the long years of study and practice, we came to the conclusion that today's most popular and bringing powerful emotional recovery are the following massages.

By visiting our salon of erotic massage, you have the opportunity to try massage, which will inspire your mind and body for the amazing properties of sexual energy!

Tantra massage

Tantra massage in Kiev could be very interesting for you, if you want to relax, feel something new and improve your sexual energy...


Gua Sha

Gua sha in Kiev! You can try it in Allure Salon.

Gua sha massage can be attributed to the oldest variety of massage techniques common in China. When the word is divided into two parts ("gua" and "sha") in translation, we get the expression "scratch bad". Despite the fact that this type of massage procedures is not too widespread, today the popularity of the service is gradually gaining momentum.


Yoni massage

The 'yoni' is available exclusively to women as the private rub down focuses on the vagina! Yoni massage in Kiev is available in our salon.


Nuru massage

Nuru massage in Kiev is the most popular technique and it is often ordered in our salon of erotic massage in the center of town! The oldest technology NURU - massage was opened in Japan, in Kiev this erotic massage is just gaining its momentum! You, our dear guests, have a unique opportunity to taste all the delights of this magical action on your own body!


Urological massage

Urological massage is used as a means of prevention of many diseases male urogenital system.


Prostate massage

Prostate massage in Kiev is provided by Allure Salon for every man, who wants to feel extra strong pleasure and rise up potency.

Erotic prostate massage is very different from medical. The experience in Allure salon will give you unforgettable sensations together with the strongest “happy end”.


Sakura massage

“Sakura branch” is the mysterious Japanese massage technique.

Sakura massage in Kiev is provided by Allure Salon. You can try it and feel strongest pleasure and relaxation with our erotic masseuses in the center of town. Call +38-099-101-22-10.


Thai erotic massage in Kiev

The uniqueness of Thai erotic massage is to work with the energy channels and methods of influence on them, as a result of his regular practice is a healthy body and spirit.


Massage for man from man

Massage for man from man: classic, also possible erotic man massage!


Indian erotic massage

As well as the entire eastern alternative medicine, Indian massage is based on work with the energy channels of the body.


Ayurvedic erotic massage

Ayurvedic massage is an ancient Indian massage, for many centuries, proving its effectiveness in improving blood circulation and releasing toxins accumulated in the muscles, rejuvenation of the body, strengthen the immune system as a whole.


Erotic masasage for ladies in Kiev

You are a woman and want a massage, and even erotic? Then you need to visit our salon! Look at our masseurs...


Erotic massage for couples in Kiev

You are a married couple, or just friends that looking for a new experience? Maybe you should try erotic massage for couples...


Chinese massage

Chinese massage - therapeutic massage using oriental jade sticks. 



Something exotic, something from east...


Snake massage

In our salon you will find exotic, unusual and relaxing snake massage ...


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